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06 Oct

UBQ: The Most Climate-Positive Thermoplastic on the Market

Rachel Barr, VP of Sustainability at UBQ, will be speaking about transforming unsorted household waste (wet cardboard, food waste, un-recyclable plastics, etc) into the most climate-positive thermoplastic material on the market. Their material is recyclable, bio-based, and versatile. Rachel works closely with clients and international organizations to advance the circular economy and decarbonize production.
Featuring Rachel Barr, UBQ
Moderator: Rupert Rowling, Climate Transformed
06 Oct
14:00 BST
21:00 SGT
09:00 EDT
12 Oct

EKI Energy: Recent Update in Indian Carbon Markets

Climate Transformed speaks with Mr. Manish Dabkara, CMD & CEO of EKI Energy Services Ltd. EKI is one of the largest Carbon Assets Management Service providers in the world and is publicly listed as a Unicorn in the BSE, having offices in 14 countries and dealing with 3000+ clientele from 40 nations around the globe. Dabkara will discuss carbon asset management, carbon credit trading, carbon footprint management, sustainability audits, carbon neutrality, nature based solutions, community upliftment projects and how things have changed in India.
Featuring Manish Dabkara
Moderator: Paul Krake, Climate Transformed
12 Oct
15:00 BST
22:00 SGT
10:00 EDT
13 Oct

Calix: A Solution for the Cement and Lime Industry

Phil Hodgson, CEO and managing director of Calix, is joining Climate Transformed to speak on his company’s technology being piloted with the world’s largest cement and lime companies to mitigate their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions dramatically without significant energy or capital penalty. Calix is a team leveraging their patented technology to deliver positive global impact. The core technology is being used to develop more environmentally-friendly solutions for water treatment, CO2 mitigation, biotechnology, advanced batteries, and more sustainable mineral and chemical processing.
Featuring Phil Hodgson, Calix
Moderator: Paul Krake, Climate Transformed
13 Oct
22:00 BST
05:00 SGT (October 14)
17:00 EDT
03 Nov

Blackhorn Ventures: Redefining the Industrial Supply Chain

Blackhorn Ventures invests in visionary companies that are creating unprecedented resource productivity. These companies are transforming enduring industries like construction, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, transportation, water, and energy. Co-Founder and managing partner Philip O’Connor and managing partner Melissa Cheong will give insight on the breakthroughs occurring in the industrial supply chain and how to keep up.
Featuring Melissa Cheong and Phil O'Connor, Blackhorn Ventures
Moderator: Paul Krake, Climate Transformed
03 Nov
17:00 BST
01:00 SGT (November 4)
13:00 EDT

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