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12 Dec

NovoCarbo: Turning CO2 Into Sustainable Products

Climate Transformed host Karolin Schaps interviews Venna Lepel, CCO of NovoCarbo, a German greentech company offering carbon removal solutions that transform carbon into sustainable biochar products including feedstock additive or building materials.
Featuring Venna Lepel, CCO of NovoCarbo
Moderator: Karolin Schaps - Climate Transformed host
12 Dec
10:30 GMT
05:30 EDT
21:30 SYD
13 Dec

NEXT Energy Technologies: Transforming Commercial Windows Into Solar Panels

The US Department of Energy states windows account for 30% of commercial buildings’ heating and cooling, costing building owners around $50 billion annually. NEXT’s proprietary PV materials are integrated at the point of glass fabrication, low-cost, and coated as an ink- enabling buildings to power themselves. The company just released a report on “How Climate Inaction Will Cost Companies”. CEO Daniel Emmett and Director of Business Development & Partnerships Jeff Horowitz will speak on the opportunity at hand.
Featuring CEO Daniel Emmett and Director of Business Development & Partnerships Jeff Horowitz
Moderator: Paul Krake - Climate Transformed
13 Dec
11:00 EDT
16:00 GMT
03:00 SYD (14 dec)
15 Dec

ZwitterCo: Recovering Value from the World’s Toughest Water

Alex Rappaport, CEO and Co-Founder of ZwitterCo, Inc., will be joining us to discuss the latest in wastewater reuse on an industrial scale, the technology behind it, and the current challenges and trends. ZwitterCo’s cutting-edge membrane chemistry, paired with the company’s deep domain expertise, gives industrial processing facilities and their partners a pathway into the next generation of water treatment, precision separation, and resource recapture.
Featuring Alex Rappaport, CEO & CO-Founder - ZwitterCo
Moderator: Paul Krake, Climate Transformed
15 Dec
11:00 EST
16:00 GMT
03:00 SYD (16dec)


6 - 7 December

Climate 2023 is our virtual exploration into the technologies, policies and people that will drive us towards a more sustainable and decarbonized global economy over the year ahead. We will address the near-term geo-political and policy challenges, as well as the funding requirements and breakthrough technologies essential to maintaining momentum towards Net Zero.

Over two days, we will feature our 16 sustainability verticals and a series of one-on-one interviews with the corporate leaders leading us forward. This will be a wide-ranging assessment of the climate investment landscape for the year ahead.

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