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ICMM – Can Mining Ever Be Sustainable?

Host Rupert talks with Rohitesh “Ro” Dhawan, President and Chief Executive Officer of ICMM. ICMM is an international organization dedicated to a safe, fair and sustainable mining and metals industry. They bring together a third of the global metals and mining industry, along with key partners to drive leadership, action and innovation for a safe, just and sustainable world. Ro will be discussing the transformative power of mining, particularly in emerging markets where he has spent two-thirds of his life.
Guest(s): Rohitesh “Ro” Dhawan, President and Chief Executive Officer of ICMM
Moderator: Rupert Rowling

WSP: Building the Circular Economy

Sustainable Finance
Climate Transformed interviews Anita Schwartz, Senior Project Director for the Sustainability, Energy, and Climate Change group within WSP USA. WSP is one of the world’s leading engineering professional services firms, with 37000 talented people, based in more than 500 offices, across 40 countries. Anita will talk us through WSP’s strategy for circular economy models, waste mitigation, and logistics improvements to improve carbon efficiency and landfill avoidance.
Guest(s): Anita Schwartz, Senior Project Director WSP
Moderator: Paul Krake

Sust Group: How can climate risks become more transparent?

New Ventures
Josh Gilbert, CEO of Sust Global, a start-up that provides climate risk models using geospatial data, discusses how the availability of more in-depth climate data can help improve the transparency of assessing climate-related risks.
Guest(s): Josh Gilbert, CEO of Sust Globa
Moderator: Karolin Schaps

Nanotechnology’s Impact on Climate Solutions

Battery Tech
Director of The University of Texas at Austin Energy Institute and co-founder of two innovative material companies, Brian A. Korgel will give us insight into the topic of nanotechnologies and their role in climate science.
Guest(s): Brian A. Korgel, Director of The University of Texas at Austin Energy Institute
Moderator: Rupert Rowling

SCB Group: On Site in Africa

Rupert sits down with Kevin McGeeney, CEO of SCB Group, to discuss the amazing developmental work SCB is supporting in Africa. From Senegal to Malawi, SCB is proving the sceptics wrong regarding the developmental benefits of carbon offsets to vulnerable communities. Kevin and his team are proof that climate, development and economic drivers can intersect.
Guest(s): Kevin McGeeney, CEO of SCB Group
Moderator: Rupert Rowling

Climate Vault: Addressing VCM Concerns with an Innovative Compliance Market Approach

Climate Vault is an innovative non-profit from the University of Chicago using compliance offsets as a tool to fund cutting-edge sequestration projects. CEO Michael Greenstone joins us for a conversation about how Carbon Vault is upending the funding of carbon capture projects via a donor model where carbon offsets enable his firm to sign multi-year offtake agreements rather than providing equity or grant capital.
Guest(s): Carbon Vault's CEO, Michael Greenstone
Moderator: Oghosa Erhahon

Carbon Growth: Myth-Busting Voluntary Carbon Markets

Rich Gilmore, CEO of Carbon Growth Partners, tackles some of the myths and misconceptions about the VCM, and addresses how to optimise financial returns and climate impact in an evolving market.
Guest(s): Richard Gilmore, CEO of Carbon Growth
Moderator: Paul Krake

Toucan: The Backbone of Carbon Tokenization

The Toucan Protocol is the backbone for over 100 blockchain firms striving to bring efficiency to carbon markets. Julian Sommer, the CEO and founder of Toucan, sits down with Vandana Sebastian of S&P Platts to discuss how Web 3 can revolutionize offsets from both a demand and supply perspective. Toucan is on a mission to make Defi work for the Earth.
Guest(s): Julian Sommer, Co-Founder & Chairman, Toucan
Moderator: Vandana Sebastian

Microsoft: A Case Study in Net Zero

We sit down with Eveline van Wezel, Global Sustainability Specialist at Microsoft, to discuss the company’s journey to a sustainability leader and model for companies beginning their path towards sustainability. The firm has lofty goals, and we’ll discuss how they are doing and the strict internal benchmarks they hold themselves to. Development projects, carbon neutral services and customer collaboration are part of their framework, and there are lessons to be learned for companies, large and small.
Guest(s): Eveline Van Wezel, Global Sustainability Specialist at Microsoft
Moderator: Paul Krake


The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM) is an independent governance body developing best practices and standards to ensure efficiency, transparency and rigour for voluntary carbon credits. Annette Lazareth, the ICVCM Chair, is joined by board members Kelley Kizzier, Chris Leeds and William McDonnell for a frank and wide-ranging conversation about the role and influence of ICVCM and the potential of voluntary carbon markets as a tool for meeting the Paris goals.
Guest(s): ICVCM board members Kelley Kizzier, Chris Leeds and William McDonnell
Moderator: Annette Lazareth

Standard Chartered: Paving the Way for High Integrity Carbon Markets

The carbon markets are an important bridging tool for sourcing billions of dollars to finance projects to reduce carbon emissions that would not happen otherwise but to ensure the markets work efficiently it’s essential that both supply and demand are of the highest quality. This means that not only do carbon credits have to meet the highest quality standards – in other words those embodied by the Core Carbon Principles of the Integrity Council – but buyers must ensure they are using them as part of their transition to net zero. High integrity carbon markets can be linked to create a global market that will put a price on carbon emissions and drive capital into projects around the world that will support a just transition
Guest(s): Chris Leeds, Head of Carbon Markets Development at Standard Chartered
Moderator: Paul Krake

Gold Standard: Twenty Years of Evolving Standards

Editors’ Picks
Maggie Kim, the CEO of Gold Standard, joins Paul for a conversation about the vital role the company has played in the evolution of standards for carbon offsets. Verification standards continue to adapt to scientific rigour, digitization and public policy and the complexities of offsets are often underappreciated by a marketplace keen on standardization. No segment of the decarbonization process faces scrutiny like carbon offsets, and we will discuss these complexities through the lens of all stakeholders
Guest(s): Maggie Kim, the CEO of Gold Standard
Moderator: Paul Krake

ClearBlue Markets: In It from the Start, Now We Are Here

ClearBlue Markets aim to increase transparency and confidence in the sometimes-opaque world of carbon markets. Michael Berends, ClearBlue’s Managing Director of Origination, joins us to discuss the importance of having easily available and trusted prices to allow offsetters to purchase credits safe in the knowledge that the money is going to the projects themselves rather than ending up in the hands of third parties. ClearBlue sees harnessing the power of markets to create solutions is the most effective way of overcoming the huge obstacles the world faces to tackle the climate crisis.
Guest(s): Michael Berends Managing Director at ClearBlue Markets
Moderator: Paul Krake

Moss Earth: Scaling the Amazon

Did you know you can acquire one hectare of land in the Amazon for $100? Is it any wonder that this land is being snapped up by farming interests, burned and used to harvest beef, soybeans and other global crops producing 1.2bn tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. That same hectare can earn $100 of carbon credits per annum. Moss Earth is determined to convince Brazilian landowners, farmers and the government that protecting this essential resource can be economically viable. Luis Adaime leads Moss Earth, a project developer, using data, satellite imaging and blockchain to rethink the economic viability of the Amazon.
Guest(s): Luis Adaime, CEO of Moss Earth
Moderator: Paul Krake

Flowcarbon: C-Suite Spotlight

Editors’ Picks
How do blockchain and tokenization help voluntary carbon markets? This most fundamental question will be explored by Dana Gibber, the Founder and CEO of Flow Carbon, a Web 3 company where carbon, and sustainability, meet technology. The role of blockchain is vigorously debated, but it is tough to find another industry exploring the benefits of blockchain and tokenization, like voluntary offset markets. Like it or not, it will play a role.
Guest(s): Dana Gibber, Co-Founder of Flowcarbon
Moderator: Paul Krake

Carbon Direct: Overcoming the Limits to Growth

Hear from Jonathan Goldberg, CEO and Founder of Carbon Direct, on how the company is using climate science to inform companies’ decisions on how to most effectively reduce their emissions. Carbon Direct believes that science-led carbon management is the key approach to ensure that climate goals are achieved in the short time left available. Its carbon management systems explore the full gamut of climate technology ranging from sustainable air fuels through to which are the best sectors to buy carbon-removal credits from.
Guest(s): Jonathan Goldberg, CEO of Carbon Direct
Moderator: David Ryan
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