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Tackling Industrial Plastic Recycling

To claim success in developing a circular economy for plastic, billions of kilograms of hard-to-recycle plastics must be transformed into reusable circular materials. We chat with several companies driving this goal and discuss the enormity of the logistical and technological challenges in tackling plastic waste.
Guest(s): Jodie Morgan, CEO of Nexus Circular; Tim Steadman, CEO of Agilyx
Moderator: Paul Krake

Why Voluntary Carbon Credits are not a Commodity

Carbon Markets
Marcelo Labre, CEO of Viridios AI, joins Paul to discuss his recent white paper. He believes Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) credits are a fundamentally misunderstood asset class. They are being positioned as a commodity when, in reality, they are much more like corporate bonds. Classifying and treating voluntary carbon credits appropriately as an asset class will unleash the full potential of this asset cla
Guest(s): Marcelo Labre, CEO of Viridios AI
Moderator: Paul Krake

The Role of Insurance in Growing the VCM

Carbon Markets
As part of our series on rebuilding trust in the VCM, we look at the role of insurance, pre, and post-certification, as a tool to mitigate risk and encourage capital deployment.
Guest(s): Chris Slater, Founder of Oka; Islay Lord, Underwriter at Parhelion & Natalia Dorfman, CEO & Co-Founder of Kita
Moderator: Paul Krake

How is Europe Replacing Russian Oil & Gas?

Carbon Markets
The Ukranian invasion exposed the deficiencies of EU energy policy via its dependence on Russian gas. While Brussels fast-tracks its efforts for a renewable future, natural gas will remain the dominant fuel for the industry for the rest of the decade. With few long-term contracts in place, how does the EU ensure secure gas supplies in the years ahead?
Guest(s): Lutz Kilian, Policy Adviser at Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; Tatiana Mitrova, Research Fellow at Center on Global Energy Policy; Mark Finley, Fellow in Energy & Oil at Baker Institute
Moderator: Paul Krake

Is a Wave of European LNG Contracts Underway?

Supply Chain
A discussion about how booming U.S. liquefied natural gas production has helped Europe displace Russian natural gas imports. Going forward, buyers on the continent will need to sign more long-term LNG supply contracts to ensure energy security and to help avert the record high prices of 2022 in the future. The conversation between Natural Gas Intelligence and Climate Transformed will focus on how those negotiations are evolving in a competitive global market and a bit about how such deals would conflict with Europe’s broader environmental targets.
Guest(s): Jacob Dick, Associate Editor at NGI; Jamison Cocklin, Senior Editor at NGI
Moderator: Paul Krake

CO2 Permanence: Are we being distracted by the quest for perfect

Carbon Markets
We discuss whether cheaper solutions that do not offer permanent carbon storage should be fast-tracked to “kick the can down the road.” We are not considering storage solutions for 100 years, yet history tells us that innovation in 2123 will be far superior to today. Should we embrace a temporary solution as part of a sequestration strategy?
Guest(s): Josh Shaeffer, VP of Partnership & Business Development at Boomitra; Robert Höglund, Climate Advisor at Marginal Carbon AB
Moderator: Paul Krake

Michigan Economic Development Corporation

We sit with Cory Connolly, Head of the Office of Climate & Energy at the Michigan Department of Environment. The State of Michigan and the City of Detroit are rejuvenating the auto industry via a policy framework that is the envy of other US states.
Guest(s): Cory Connolly, Climate & Energy Advisor at Office of Climate & Energy
Moderator: Paul Krake

China EVs Enter the World Stage

We get into the weeds of the most competitive car market in the world. No one denies the innovation going on at the likes of BYD and NIO, but will geopolitics limit some of the best electric vehicles in the world to Chinese borders?
Guest(s): Tu Le, Founder of Sino Auto Insights; Lei Xing, Host of China,EVs & More Podcast; Elliot Richards, Presenter of the Fully Charged Show
Moderator: Jill Shen, Reporter at TechNode

The Tesla Factor

iI may not be the biggest producer of electric vehicles, but it is always the most interesting. What else needs to be said about a panel dedicated to Tesla?
Guest(s): Taylor Ogan, CEO of Snow Bull Capital; Tu Le, Founder of Sino Auto Insights
Moderator: Paul Krake, Founder of Climate Transformed

The US legacies: Juiced by the Inflation Reduction Act

We conclude our session with a fabulous conversation with industry veterans on how the legacy OEMs are simultaneously handling their greatest opportunity and systemic threat, i.e., the transition from combustion engines to the electrification of mobility.
Guest(s): John Mcelroy, President at Blue Sky Productions; Jake Griffith, Global Automotive Correspondent at Thomson Reuters
Moderator: Tu Le, Founder of Sino Auto Insights

EU EV Policy

Conventional wisdom has the EU as the global leader in EV adoption, ex China. A supported domestic policy framework has been key to this, but the US Inflation Reduction Act has swamped Europe’s efforts. Does European EV policy risk being relegated?
Guest(s): Joost Vantomme, CEO of ERTICO; Giacomo Rossi, Principal Consultant at Frost & Sullivan; Julia Hildermeier, Senior Associate at RAP
Moderator: Martin Kahl

China EV Policy

The China EVs and More Podcast Team join Climate Transformed for an update on Chinese EV policy as China’s economy opens up for the first time in three years. We discussed the end of subsidies, domestic competition, and whether Tesla’s problems are as pervasive as many think,
Guest(s): Ilaria Mazzocco, Senior Fellow at CSIS; Tu Le, Founder of Sino Auto Insights; Lei Xing, Host of China EVs & More Podcast
Moderator: Paul Krake

US EV Policy – Inflation Reduction Act

Excitement about the IRA is all-encompassing, and while electric vehicle infrastructure proposals are impressive, how quickly will this boost adoption? Subsidies help, but with charging infrastructure lagging every other developed country and cost parity many years away, is US EV adoption destined to lag?
Guest(s): Tyson Jominy, VP of JD Power; Richard Ezike, Program Communications Specialist at Joint Office of Energy & Transportation
Moderator: Ed Carson, Journalist at Investors Business Daily

An Interview with the Cobalt Institute

We sit with Tom Fairlie of the Cobalt Institute for the long-term outlook for the Cobalt Industry from the world’s leading industry body.
Guest(s): Tom Fairlie, Senior Sustainability Manager at Cobalt Institute
Moderator: Paul Krake

Cathode Innovation

Virginia Klausmeier, is the CEO of battery innovator, Sylvatex. We discussed the company and the lithium market from an innovator’s perspective.
Guest(s): Virginia Klausmeier, CEO of Sylvatex
Moderator: Paul Krake

Verra: In Defense of Nature Based Offsets

Carbon Markets
Paul Krake welcome’s Verra CEO David Antonioli for a conversation about the challenges facing the Nature Based Offsets.
Guest(s): David Antonioli, CEO of Verra
Moderator: Paul Krake
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