Next Generation Battery Tech

9 May 2023

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On May 9th, Climate Transformed is hosting a half-day virtual forum on Next Generation Battery Technology. The goal of the event is to dive deeply into the innovations required to solve the great challenges of storage, including range, cost, and efficacy. We will explore solutions to range anxiety, the realism of solid-state batteries, and the role of cobalt and graphite. We will conclude the panels with a conversation with some of the world’s leading VCs, who will assess the opportunity sets from the investor perspective.


8 AM EST: Long range batteries: Future or futile?

The 1,000-mile battery is an exciting goal, but is it relevant to the mass market?

9 AM EST: Solid-state batteries: Always a decade away?

What’s needed to get solid-state battery technology out of the lab and into the mainstream?

10 AM EST: When will zero emission cars use zero cobalt batteries?

The auto industry is transitioning away from batteries that depend on cobalt in favour of LFP and other zero cobalt options. When will the auto industry overcome its cobalt dependency?

11 AM: How can we free EV batteries from graphite's iron grip?

Graphite is the Li-ion battery industry’s kryptonite; current EV battery technology needs it - and plenty of it! - but it’s almost impossible to recycle. Can the industry can avoid using graphite?

Noon EST: Venture Capital - The Opportunity Set

We sit down with some of the world's leading battery VCs to assess and discuss the day's findings and the opportunities for LPs

1pm EST: One on One Interview

A 60 minute exploration into a new generation battery technology with someone leading one of the most innovative battery companies

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