What We Do

Climate Transformed was built on the recognition that a continuation of the current mood and rhetoric would not lead to globally beneficial outcomes.

How we face the biggest existential threat of the 21st century is not purely in the hands of political leaders. Business leaders, policymakers, institutional investors, activists and academics from all over the world are joining Climate Transformed – all have a strong vested interest in solving critical issues.

We all fear that the prevailing mindset of doubt and distrust which still dominates in some countries is causing irreparable damage to all. One of the causes of this is the misunderstanding of the immediate and devastating impact on the whole human race and our planet, if we fail to take action promptly and decisively. Only with dialogue and participation from all vested interests can all sides get a genuine appreciation of each other's intentions. These conversations can be uncomfortable, but they are necessary for us to develop a framework to deal with the challenges of the years ahead.

This isn’t an intellectual exercise. This is about solutions for business and policy prescriptions for government.

With the promotion of gender, geographical, and ethnic inclusion, we are scratching the surface of what diverse thinking can achieve.

Our Events

CT - Global Emission Trading Schemes

After the recent launch of the UK ETS and as China prepares to launch its own carbon trading program, veteran carbon journalist Alessandro Vitelli, gives us an insight into the various regional carbon trading schemes and reflects on the future possibilities for carbon trading at a global level.

Transition to "Net Zero": How Local Leaders Can Make It Happen

Comms & Campaigning specialist, Polly Billington, talks about local government leaders' plans to transition to net-zero carbon emissions. Polly established UK100 in 2016 and is the CEO and the face of the organisation.
She has extensive experience in media, government and politics. Polly liaises with local leaders and directly elected mayors and is able to develop and maintain strong relationships with extensive contacts across the political and nonprofit spectrum.
A former broadcast journalist (BBC 1993-2007), she was a special adviser at DECC (2008-10), Director of Communications on Sadiq Khan’s selection campaign to be a London Mayoral candidate (2015), and Head of Communications and Campaigns at Citizens Advice (2013-15).

Cold Ironing: The Electrification of Ports

With maritime transport a main contributor to global carbon emissions, governments and companies are looking hard for solutions to lower carbon emissions from vessels. Alessandro Pellicano', Global Business Development & Sales e-City at Enel X, discusses the so-called 'cold ironing' solutions to build sustainable and low carbon ports.

CT - Chinese Carbon Credits

In February, China is launching the largest carbon market, applying financial incentives to power plant operators to reduce their emissions.
According to our guest, Yan Qin, carbon analyst at the financial company Refinitiv, The priority of Chinese new carbon markets “is to improve the overall efficiency of the coal fleet to make the overall emission sector decline."
What is the current state of play and what can we expect?



Climate Transformed is an innovative and extremely valuable forum to raise the level of conversation surrounding the all-important theme of climate change and get precious insight from incredibly knowledgeable sector specialists.

Alessandro Pellicano', Global Business Development & Sales e-City - Enel X