Climate Transformed Ventures (CTV) is a methane infrastructure and origination platform company that leverages government funding and private capital to cap orphaned oil wells across the United States and Canada.

An orphaned oil well has no solvent owner of record, leaving the responsibility of capping in the hands of state and federal governments.

The EPA estimates that there are up to 3.7 million orphaned wells in North America, with the estimated cost to cap them ranging from $200bn- $300bn.

There is only $4.7bn allocated by the US Federal Government under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

This is the first phase of a multi-decade solution that will require the extensive deployment of private capital

Upcoming Forums

Upcoming Forums

40 hours of interviews with 40 women driving us toward decarbonization and sustainability.

March 29 - August 9, 2023 (Series)

The fossil fuel economy has left us with a global infrastructure incompatible with the needs of a decarbonized and electrified future.

Jun 27, 2023

Approximately $800bn a year is spent on renewable energy, grids, and storage. As renewable energy matures, the intersection of policy, government, and private capital become increasingly important.

Jul 11 - Jul 12, 2023

Join us in New York for a series of dinners and conversations on Voluntary Carbon Markets, Agricultural Sciences, and how family offices can build portfolios of impactful climate investments.

Sep 25 - Sep 29, 2023

We delve into the issues vital to growing the VCM ecosystem: Supply, digitization, transparency, standardization, and liquidity.

Oct 3 - Oct 4, 2023

We talk with miners, battery innovators, manufacturers, and digital companies monitoring the minerals in the battery supply chain from rock to recycling.

Nov 7 - Nov 8, 2023

In our preview of the year ahead, we look at the opportunities, challenges, and policy frameworks in each of our sustainability segments.

Dec 14 - Dec 15, 2023

The climate crisis is a global and diverse issue, we need global and diverse voices to solve the problem. Sustainability must be at the forefront of every industry, and these leaders across our 16 verticals are driving us towards decarbonization. Less than 3% of VC funding goes to female founders. This is compatible with our focus on inclusivity to solve our great societal challenge. Join us for 40 hours of interviews with 40 leading women in climate with 2 Interviews every Wednesday for 20 weeks, to explore the issues and answers to our climate challenge from the perspective of these incredible leaders

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