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January 20, 2022

Podcast - China EV in 2021 – By the Numbers

January 18, 2022

Podcast - How Policy Will Drive Metals Prices

January 17, 2022


January 13, 2021

Podcast - Hydrogen: Where Is Hot To Invest?

January 13, 2022

Podcast - Minespider, The Blockchain Transformation of the Raw Material Industry

January 12, 2022

Blogs & Articles

Carbon Markets


Minespider - The Blockchain Transformation of the Raw Material Industry

Nathan Williams - Co-Founder MineSpider

Verra: Carbon Standards for a Sustainable Future

Naomi Swickard - Chief Program Officer at Verra

Metals Hub - How To Unlock The True Value Form Low Carbon Metals

Niklas Friederichsen - Chief Product Officer of Metals Hub

Reflections On Cop And Making Finance Sustainable

Michael Wilkins - Executive Director, Centre For Climate Finance & Investment, Imperial College Business School

Voluntary Carbon Markets

Rene Velasquez - CBL Markets Head Global Carbon Markets

Carbon's Role In Europe's Record Gas Prices

Alessandro Vitelli, Reporter Specialist Carbon

Energy Transition



Fraser MacDonald - Presales Consultant at Hitachi Energ

China EV in 2021 – By the Numbers

Tu Le - Founder, Sino Auto Insights

Leadership in Renewable Natural Gas

Johannes Escudero - Founder & CEO Coalition For Renewable Gas

The Role of Battery Energy Stationary Storage in an Increasingly Renewable Grid

Iola Hughes, Senior Research Analyst at Rho Motion

Energy Efficiency's Role in Achieving Climate Targets

Jonathan Maxwell - founder and CEO of Sustainable Development Capital

Geothermal Energy's Contribution To A Net-Zero World

Marit Brommer - Executive Director of the International Geothermal Association



Climate Inflation: How Policy will Drive Metals Prices

Gianclaudio Torlizzi - Founder T-Commodity

Commodity Investing In The Age Of Esg And Inflation

Brennan Basnicki - Partner at Auspice Capital Advisors

Developing Robust ESG for the Lithium Ion Battery Supply Chain

Charlotte Selvey-Miller - Head of ESG at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

The Economic Case for Clean Nickel

Chris Showalter - CEO of Kabanga Nickel

The London Metal Exchange - The Essential Role of Metals in a Sustainable Future

Hugo Brodie - Vice President Sustainability at the LME & Alice Lim - Associate Within The CEO Office at the LME

Cobalt Pricing Dynamics & Reputational Issues

Caspar Rawles - Head Of Price & Data Assessments, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

New Ventures


Plan A: Carbon Accounting For A Net-Zero World

Lubomila Jordanova - CEO and Co-Founder of Plan A

How Nth Cycle Are Recovering Critical Elements From Waste

Megan O'Connor - CEO of Nth Cycle

Carbon Kapture: Growing Seaweed To Remove CO2

Howard Gunstock - Chief Kelper and Co-Founder Carbon Kapture

Catching Carbon: How To Capture And Store Carbon From Organic Waste

Mike Carpenter - CEO And Co-founder Inherit Carbon Solutions

Desolenator: Solar-powered Water Purification

Catriona Mcgill - Head Of Operations Desolenator

FlexiDAO: Transparent Renewable Energy Procurement

Giacomo Bravaccini - Marketing Manager FlexiDAO

Sustainable Finance


Cutting Through the Noise of ESG Data

Rajul Mittal - Head of Sustainable Finance at Syncheron

How A Long-Short Climate Strategy Can Reduce Your Carbon Portfolio

Libby Bernick & Larry Abele - CIO & CEO Impact Cubed

Introducing Symbiotic Wealth Management

Yan Swiderski - Executive Trustee And Co-founder The Global Returns Project

Investing For Action Not Words

Eoin Murray - Head Of Investment Federated Hermes

How To Invest Responsibly & Tackle The Climate Crisis

Tom Nelson - Co-head Of Thematic Equity, Ninety One

Impact Investment: How Private Equity Tackles The Climate Challenge

Bettina Bachmann & Einar Gamman - EV Private Equity
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