Climate 2023

6 -
8 December 2022

Event Overview

Climate 2023 is our virtual exploration into the technologies, policies and people that will drive us towards a more sustainable and decarbonized global economy over the year ahead. We will address the near-term geo-political and policy challenges, as well as the funding requirements and breakthrough technologies essential to maintaining momentum towards Net Zero.
Over three days, we will feature our 16 sustainability verticals and a series of one-on-one interviews with the corporate leaders leading us forward. This will be a wide-ranging assessment of the climate investment landscape for the year ahead.


Tuesday, 6 December

8:00 BST
Sustainable Finance - Asset Management
The asset management industry needs to be conscious that best practices must evolve and that the current framework has flaws. How can our pension assets drive technological change and the speed of decarbonization? The industry needs to ask how we can do better.
9:00 BST
Voluntary Carbon Markets
We will be addressing the outlook for voluntary credits in the context of the exponential growth we witnessed in 2022, the findings of the ICVCM, blockchain consultations with registries, and the perennial challenges of supply quality.
10:00 BST
VCM - The Role of Blockchain
We elaborate on the role of blockchain in the future of voluntary carbon markets as registries and tech innovators forge a way forward
11:00 BST
Compliance Carbon Credit
This will dive deeply into the outlook for compliance markets in 2023 and focus on the challenges facing compliance carbon pricing, such as European energy dislocations, climate policy changes in the United States and the effectiveness of a spluttering Chinese compliance market.
12:00 BST
Carbon Sequestration
We will discuss declining cost curves, advancements in technologies from airborne capture to mineralization, and delve into whether 45Q tax credit changes are the big deal most think
13:00 BST
Water Sustainability
14:00 BST
Battery Tech – Renewables
While the growth of renewables has been globally impressive, large-scale storage capacity lags. Where is the innovation, who is executing, and how long do we need to wait for batteries to solidify renewables as truly self-sustaining?
15:00 BST
Is the world finally waking up to the potential of nuclear? We look at policy across the globe as the shock of Ukraine, and a re-think of the post-Fukushima era reinvigorates the sector
16:00 BST
Climate Transformed Innovators
We bring back some of the great start-up companies we reviewed in 2022 and discuss their opportunities and challenges. How did they handle the practicalities of tighter early-stage funding, and what does 2023 bring for the next cohort of potential unicorns?
17:00 BST
Power Trading
The EU and UK are being held hostage by skyrocketing power prices. Most believe this is unsustainable, yet the outlook for Russian gas post the 2023 Northern winter remains suspect. How do industrial companies plan, and is a permanent respite possible?
18:00 BST
Venture Capital
Early-stage allocators have been rocked as the excesses of COVID-era liquidity spared no growth segment. Are more sensible valuations just what the VC community needs for a more stable climate tech, or will lingering risk aversion leave exciting start-ups underfunded?
19:00 BST
Climate ETFs
Few argue with the long-term outlook for climate technology, yet Climate ETFs have been unable to separate themselves from the de-rating of all growth equity investments. Is 2023 the year of decoupling?
20:00 BST
Supply Chain Optimization
The Supply Chain Optimization panel will focus specifically on the software innovations that are revolutionizing the monitoring and reporting of emissions, disclosure requirements and the impact they will have on the operations of thousands of companies and developments with Web 3.

Wednesday, 7 December

8:00 BST
Scaling wind in the midst of an energy transition facing enormous geopolitical pressure could be one of the great challenges/opportunities for the year ahead. We bring leaders together to discuss this next phase for wind
9:00 BST
As with all renewable, 2023 is a year for scale and infrastructure expansion. We discuss the innovation and policy framework that will take us forward
10:00 BST
Natural Gas
It is impossible to discuss the outlook for 2023 without a full assessment of the Ukrainian war and whether supply concerns in the EU are not a winter 2023 issue but winter 2024.
11:00 BST
Fossil Fuels
The Ukrainian war has shown categorically that, practically, the energy transition is an evolution rather than a revolution. A healthy global economy is essential for achieving climate change goals, and we discuss this delicate balance.
12:00 BST
Metals and Mining
To many, the math doesn't add up. Minerals within the battery supply chain are in short supply if electric vehicle production reaches median expectations. We look at the supply challenges and opportunities in 2023
13:00 BST
Battery Technology – EV
We bring back the great innovators in EV batteries to discuss critical issues such as supply chain security, the quest for range, innovation trends and commodity shortages in one of the most influential sectors for the future of the global economy.
14:00 BST
Agricultural Sciences
This all encompassing topic can only be handled through conversation with four innovators whose technologies will change the ways we eat and farm in the years ahead
15:00 BST
What does renewable gas supply look like in 2023, and what is the regulatory framework? We will discuss the EPA and the impact of Ukraine on the ecosystem as a whole
16:00 BST
Our current energy vulnerabilities are desperate for a solution. Has hydrogen's time come or will a lack of infrastructure continue hold back its potential? Can 2023 be the breakout year for Hydrogen contribution to the clean energy mix?
17:00 BST
Electric Vehicles
We will assess the policy trajectory in the EU, China and especially the United States regarding recent climate legislation and what that means for infrastructure. We will review OEMs' path to keeping up with Tesla and whether Chinese start-ups have an international future.
18:00 BST
Electric Vehicles – China
Join Tu Le and Lei Xing of the brilliant China Evs and More podcast to discuss the outlook for all things China and all things EV in 2023.
19:00 BST
Can battery recycling alleviate the supply pressures that could hold back battery manufacture? It is an essential question for the speed of EV adoption.

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