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Sustainable Finance
Nature Based Solutions

We discuss how Voluntary Carbon Credit issuance has stalled in the past 12 months as a series of negative reports on the reliability of baselines has created reputational headwinds. The VCM has poorly communicated the benefits of Nature-Based Solutions and the vital role they must play in achieving Net Zero. Despite the ecosystem putting on a brave face, it is hurting end demand, and while high-quality projects will be sort after, the hurdle to qualify as such is becoming increasingly onerous. The only solution that can restore confidence is for the baselines to be redrawn.


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The shockwave moving through the venture capital industry may have been highlighted over the last ten days by the demise of SVB, but the value destruction that is permeated through early-stage investments has its roots in the US Federal Reserve tightening cycle that ended the era of loose money 12 months ago.
Sustainable Finance


Maria Filmanovic is the Co-Founder of Abatable, a platform that consults corporate clients regarding their nature-based solution strategies. Eric Cooperstrom is the Head of the Forestry Climate Strategy at Manulife Investment Management, Timberland, and Agriculture. Aadith Moorthy is the Founder & CEO of Boomitra, a project developer in the nature-based space.



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