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When a prospective buyer approached a group that restores Myanmar’s endangered mangroves about purchasing the credits used by companies to offset their carbon emissions, they were told the tokens had sold out.
Carbon Markets
Spiking gas prices across Europe. Complaints from middle-class families from Madrid to the Midlands. Editorials are written about Europe's over-reliance on Russian gas, yet it flows unabated despite a slew of geopolitical concerns.
Renewable Energy
What we eat and how we feed an ever-growing population are two of the most important areas that need tackling if we’re going to successfully limit the global rise in temperatures.
Agricultural Science
As the world seeks to respond to net zero, we are seeing the rapid growth in green technologies, especially in the rapidly moving electric vehicle (EV) market. The climate benefits of a technology shift from internal combustion engines (ICE) to EVs are clear, but rapid market growth means growing demand for critical materials that are vital for the highest value component in an EV: the lithium ion battery.
Sustainable Finance
Analyst recommendations are littered with biases. They are unavoidable, especially when attempting long-range predictions.
Sustainable Finance
Dubbed “the forgotten giant of low-carbon electricity” by theInternational Energy Agency (IEA), hydropower is a mighty, clean energy resource indispensable in the transition to a cleaner energy system.
Renewable Energy
COP26UN Climate Change Conference will be a catalyst for deepening the investment world’s interest in helping to reduce carbon emissions
Sustainable Finance

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